PTI’s sheer hypocrisy on display after ECP’s foreign funding verdict: FM Bilawal

FM Bilawal calls PTI’s slogans of foreign conspiracy ironic following ECP’s exposé

Foreign Minister Bilawal Bhutto Zardari on Wednesday said that the decision of the Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP) has proven Imran Khan to be the “biggest thief in the country’s history”.

“After the ECP verdict Imran Khan’s narrative on corruption also turned out to be farcical and it was also proven that PTI was founded for corruption,” the PPP chairman said, reacting to the verdict on foreign funding case against PTI.

“Imran Khan, who adopted high-handed tactics to prevent the ECP from investigating, has been exposed in front of the nation,” FM Bilawal said, adding that PTI’s “sheer hypocrisy” was on display while they took funds from foreigners and raised slogans of “foreign conspiracy”.

Bilawal further added that a person who submitted a “fabricated affidavit” to the ECP cannot be “sadiq and ameen“.

“It is now clear that Imran Khan launched the so-called anti-corruption campaign to conceal his own corruption,” the foreign minister said, adding that Khan, who pollutes the country’s politics by taking money from foreigners, is a culprit Pakistan’s people and cannot be given any concession.

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